“I travel for a peace of mind, what about you?”

“I travel for a peace of mind, what about you?”

When I decided to start writing, I tried to think from the viewpoint of people of different mindsets i.e; some travel to have fun with friends & family, some to spend their weekends well, some are those who are passionate about exploring new places and some are those who just want to get rid from their daily routine life.

Personally I travel, because of that feeling which you get while sitting at various places where drizzling air keeps on touching you and every next minute makes changes in the thoughts running out in your mind.

In This Blog Initially, you will fly above Few of India’s most adventurous places where one should visit once in a life, that will let you know where you should fly, float or just crawl to feel places one by one and with different viewpoints, will be telling you about the places to visit, the approximate expenses and the recommended food too. later on, flyingfeets will fly across the globe.

If you are feeling that you don’t belong to a place where you have to go daily, you need a break…pack your bags now!!

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